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Quick Facts About Physical Therapy


Is your loved one suffering from an injury? If so, a physical therapy service can help them out. Through this health care program, your loved one can learn exercises and techniques that will help restore their movement and functional ability in no time. To get to know more about physical therapy, we have provided you with a few facts below:

Why Trust the Physical Therapists?

Physical Therapists or PTs are those licensed healthcare professionals who are highly-educated about diagnosing or treating individuals with health problems that limit their physical movement or ability. With the help of these experts, patients can now recover from their injuries and recuperate from their surgeries.

  • Benefits of Undergoing Physical Therapy

    The following consist of the list of benefits you can gain once you receive a physical therapy program:

    • Reduce pain
      Through this program, you will learn some therapeutic exercises that will help reduce or relieve your pain.
    • Improve mobility
      Strengthening exercises are also taught by the PTs in order to help restore your physical abilities.
    • Enhance your sense of balance
      You can avoid fall-related accidents by learning a wide array of balance exercises with the help of the professionals.
  • Easy No-Equipment Home Exercises for Seniors

    Premier Home Care, Inc. values the elderly population’s well-being. This is why we provided you with some handy exercises you can easily execute at home without using any equipment:

    • Walking-sideways
      Help strengthen your gait by executing this exercise. Do this by placing your feet together, then taking a step sideward with your right foot followed by your left foot, and so on.
    • Shoulder circles
      Improve your arm endurance by simply circling your shoulders 15 times forward and backward.
    • Toe splay
      Enhance your toe muscles by spreading your toes apart as far as possible and hold it for 3 to 5 seconds.

Are you looking for a reputable home health care company in East Brunswick, New Jersey that offers a physical therapy program? Then, Premier Home Care, Inc. is the right company you can rely on. Since our establishment, we have been highly commended and trusted by the families in town for our honest and quality healthcare services and programs.

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