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Senior Care at Home: One Fall Prevention Practice a Day Keeps Serious Injuries Away


Once your senior loved one reaches the age of 65, they will add up to the statistics that put them at risk of falls. These falls at the senior age can result in devastating consequences such as fractures, traumatic brain injuries, disabilities, mobility problems, and loss of quality of living. These can even lead to depression as the injuries can put them at major and immediate life changes.

If your senior loved one is staying with you at home, you can help secure their situation from falls. As a provider of home health care in East Brunswick, New Jersey, we have collected the following helpful recommendations to help reduce their chances of experiencing life-threatening consequences:

  • Visit their Doctor for Routine Checkups
    Being consistent with routine checkups can arm up a senior person with preventive measures. They can learn of physical limitations that may have just recently developed and can put them at risk of falls. They can also get updates of their medications, which give them side effects such as dizziness or pain.
  • Engage in Balancing Exercises
    Some instances of senior falls are because of a lack of balance. It’s an age-related reality that can be changed by engaging in balancing exercises such as tai chi. However, every exercise regimen that seniors want to get involved in should have their doctor’s clearance first.
  • Fix Eyesight Problems
    Another common cause of tripping is the inability to see clearly. Vision problems can be common in late adult years due to the natural decline of vision and other illnesses. Depending on their doctor’s findings, your loved one can still have a chance to recover eyesight or get visual assistance by graded eyeglasses.
  • Install Safety Precautions at Home
    Since many falls occur at home, you can establish fall-proof measures for your elderly loved one at home. If there are renovations that need to be made, these would be great investments. You can also put up grab bars in places that they frequent such as the doorways, kitchen, bathrooms, or their own rooms. Ensure that the floors also don’t get slippery or when they do, you have rubber mats on it.
  • Hire a Personal Care Assistant
    Getting someone from a home care provider to oversee your senior loved one at home can also be your extension of care. If you don’t have other family members, better get assistance from skilled and experienced personnel. You can have peace of mind for this type of assistance because they come from reputable agencies who subject their team to rigorous safety and security standards.

At Premier Home Care, Inc., we understand your deep concern in wanting to make sure that your senior loved one can be safe from falls at home. While you can’t really keep accidents from happening, you can at least keep serious injuries from occurring with preventive measures. When you need personal care assistance for your senior parent at home, we can help you. Call us for inquiries.

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